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The Black Box
You won’t know it’s there until you need it.
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Coverbox puts you in the driving seat with black box car insurance

What do you want from your car insurance provider? We’re guessing you want cheap cover, great service if you need to make a claim, but the rest of the time you want to forget about it and drive.

You may have heard about black box car insurance, you might even have heard that it is the future, but you may still be unsure if it’s for you.

Perhaps the fact that a telematics device is fitted in your car and sends data to your insurer seems like ‘Big Brother is watching you and you’re not sure that you want to have your driving monitored all the time.

You might even have heard people say they can’t drive at certain times without incurring a penalty. Well, Coverbox has simplified black box insurance. We watch out for our customers, not over them.

Fit it and forget it

When you buy Coverbox car insurance we will arrange for a small telematics device to be discreetly fitted in your car. We supply and fit the box free of charge. This box sends us data about your driving and records the journeys your car makes. However, we do not actively monitor you on a day-to-day basis.

The only time we look at your driving data is when your cover is approaching renewal and we use the collected information, at that time only, to see if we can offer you a cheaper premium. Drivers showing sustained safe-driving habits are less likely to be involved in an accident and we can offer them cheaper car insurance. All you have to do is drive.

There only when you need us

One of the great things about Coverbox is that we don’t get involved in your driving unless you need us to. So, if you’ve been involved in a car accident or you need to make a claim – that’s when we’ll be there for you.

If you need to make a claim because of a collision, the telematics device can help us see exactly what happened in the accident and in many cases, such as where several cars are involved, the data provided by the box can help establish who was to blame. This means we may be able to prove that you were not at fault and keep the price of your car insurance down. So, the black box can really help when you need it to and you don’t need to worry about it for the rest of the time.

Coverbox - Click, Quote, Buy, Drive

If you’re thinking about checking out a new type of insurance, here are five words for great black box car insurance:

  • Coverbox
  • CLICK on the button
  • Fill out the QUOTE form
  • BUY black box car insurance
  • Forget all about it and DRIVE!