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Black box insurance for wise young drivers

Coverbox is all about trust. Although the black box captures your driving data, we don't access or monitor this, we don't restrict your miles, we don't impose restrictions, and we don't penalise you for exceeding your estimated mileage.

Our black box insurance for young drivers is so smart and non-invasive that you will only ever remember it's there if circumstances result in you needing it – for example, if your vehicle is stolen or you are involved in an accident.

In fact, the reason we use a black box is all about creating cheaper insurance, that's for you and for us. Quite simply, it helps us control claims costs in the event of an accident, while also helping us in assisting police recover your vehicle in the event it is reported stolen.

No restrictions

Yes, there are black box young driver insurance companies that restrict the number of miles their policyholders can drive and, yes, some even ‘fine' or ‘penalise' policyholders for exceeding their estimated mileage – fortunately for you we are not one of them.

Although we ask you for an estimated mileage during the quote process, we understand that this is what it is – an estimate. Like all reasonable people, we understand that needs and circumstances are subject to change. Coverbox has created black box insurance for young drivers that adapts to you and your life.

Letting you drive without fear of penalty

It is strange but true that some telematics insurers actually penalise young drivers for certain driving behaviours – for example, heavy braking, rapid acceleration or late night excursions to the local drive-thru hamburger store.

At Coverbox, however, we let you drive and only at the end of your policy do we look at your driving data – as such, if we see evidence of your evolution into a safe, responsible and low-risk driver, we will reward you with the best price on your policy.

Telematics that works

Our black boxes are like fact boxes. This means that if ever you are involved in an accident, you can have confidence that all the important details are held within – for example, your speed, location, braking and acceleration at and around the time of the accident.

Aside from this and vehicle theft, the only other time we assess your black box is shortly before policy renewal, allowing us to offer you the cheapest possible policy based on your level of risk, as determined by a year's worth of your driving data.

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