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The Black Box
You won’t know it’s there until you need it.
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How does the box work?

Telematics is the technical term for any system whereby an electronic or mechanical device communicates with other remote devices or systems over a network. Most of us have already used in-car telematics in the form of sat-navs and mapping apps.

When we plug in our GPS (global positioning system)  we are sending messages out, via satellites, which tell our phone company or the sat-nav supplier where we are and, in a limited sense, what we are doing. In these two examples, the signals are, generally, not monitored or recorded, but the world of automotive fleet management (transport companies) decided that telematics could be used to help them see exactly how their vehicles were being used. Insurers quickly cottoned on to the fact that they could use telematics to help them tailor policies and offer the best prices to the safest drivers.

Black boxes in cars

The black box telematics device used by Coverbox measures approximately 100mm x 50mm x 25mm (roughly the size of an average pack of cards). It is supplied, fitted and maintained free of charge. Our expert fitters will place the box securely, out of sight, in your vehicle - in most cases this will be behind the dashboard. Once the box is switched on it will send information back to Coverbox via satellites. The box sends information for each journey the vehicle makes. This information includes:

  • Location of the car
  • Length of journey – time taken and how many stops are made on the journey
  • Acceleration – how smooth or aggressive this is
  • Braking – how smooth or aggressive this is
  • Cornering – speed into and out of corners

The box will also record data during a collision, such as directional forces, speed, braking and location. We can use this information if a claim is made.

How Coverbox uses this information

The data recorded by the black box is sent to Coverbox, but we do not monitor or analyse it continually. The only time we will look at the data will be in the event of an accident claim and at renewal. The telematics data can tell us how our customers have driven throughout the life of their policy and we will use this information to offer cheaper car insurance to safe and conscientious drivers. The GPS signals sent from the box can also be used if the vehicle is reported stolen.

Coverbox telematics car insurance – value and safety, not penalties and surveillance

We’ve simplified telematics car insurance so that we’re here when you need us and invisible when you don’t. If you want smart telematics which helps you when you need it most, get a quote today.