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Security and tracking with the black box

Coverbox has simplified black box car insurance by leaving all the great bits in but taking all the unpleasant bits out – this means no curfews, no restrictions and no Big Brother monitoring.

How we install the black box

By buying a policy with us you agree to have one of our technicians come to you at a time of your convenience so that a small black box device can be fitted discreetly in your car. This is done free of charge; however, it needs to happen within 28 days following the start of your policy. But don't worry, you are covered during this interim period, so you can get out and drive.

The black box, just one weapon in the fight against car theft

Cars are desired by drivers but they are also desirable to thieves, whether they are attracted to a particular vehicle type, the contents or simply the illicit thrill of a joyride.

And there are plenty of thieves – figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that during 2013 there were 358,000 reported instances of thefts from or of a motor vehicle. So, other than having black box car insurance in place to give you the best chance of recovering your vehicle in the event of a theft, what else can be done to protect the security of your car?

Lock it - this might sound obvious but is surprising just how many vehicle thefts involve no lock tampering. Whether you're using a manual key or a key fob, check and check again to make sure your car is locked.

Keep temptation at bay - don't keep things in view. This includes satnav systems, phones, laptops, tablets, wallets, small change, coats and bags. Anything that makes a thief think there might be some value to be derived from breaking into your car should be considered a temptation. Also, don't leave any sort of post or paperwork in view; identity theft is a very real problem in the twenty-first century.

Park with security in mind - wherever possible, park somewhere where your car is in plain sight of as many passers-by as possible. At night, this means parking somewhere well-lit. By having your car in view of many, it reduces the risk of it falling prey to an opportunistic thief.

Don't leave your motor running - however short-lived your venture away from the car – whether it is to nip back to the house while the car de-ices or to grab your forgotten smartphone – leaving your car unattended and running for even just a few seconds can result in you losing it. More bad news is that if your car is stolen in this way, your insurance will be invalidated.

Consider added security measures - black box car insurance is not the only way you can enhance the security of your car. Steering wheel locks, gearstick locks and pedal locks are just some of the many added security devices available to drivers.

Black box car insurance for now and the future

Coverbox aims to offer some of the cheapest car insurance quotes available and provides an effective claims service if you need it. We help make insurance cheaper by reducing claims costs and offering the best possible prices to responsible drives at renewal.

Click on the ‘Get a Quote' button and drive into the future.