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GPS tracker insurance from Coverbox

According to Europol, 2,700 vehicles are stolen every day, and the capital for all this car crime is the UK, where 300,000 vehicles are stolen each year. Amazingly, more than half of these vehicles are never recovered. This leads to increased costs for car insurance companies, which, inevitably, then gets passed on to the consumer.


But what if there was another way – a way of ensuring that a much higher percentage of vehicles were recovered? What if this had the potential to mean cheaper car insurance for consumers? Is there really such a win-win product out there?

The answer is a resounding, ‘yes'. This is because with Coverbox GPS tracker insurance you can be confident in the knowledge that your vehicle is far more likely to be tracked and recovered, creating cheaper car insurance for you.

GPS tracker insurance

With Coverbox you can be confident that it is possible to pinpoint the location of your vehicle if you believe it has been stolen. It is little wonder that this benefit of black box car insurance cover has been hailed as the ‘ultimate innovation in the fight against vehicle theft'.

One great aspect about this ‘side effect' of a telematics policy is that it is completely free. For example, many owners of rare and expensive vehicles pay a premium monthly or annual fee to have a tracking device fitted to their car; with Coverbox it is just an added benefit of the technology – there is no extra fee.

So, with Coverbox, if you believe that your vehicle has been stolen, all you need do is notify police and call the 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline. Once they have your crime reference number they can assist, if possible, in the police recovery of your vehicle.

Telematics that is always there, but rarely seen

Telematics (also called black box) insurance has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. Like a black box in an aircraft, it records vital details about your car journeys and driving habits.

However, Coverbox is distinct from other telematics insurers in that we do not track, monitor or restrict you in any way. In fact, the only times we access your driving data is at renewal time, in the event of a disputed claim or if your car is stolen. This is designed to give you peace of mind as well as the opportunity to be rewarded with cheaper insurance for your responsible driving.

Because of the way our telematics cover works you can just sit back and drive. The black box is fitted discreetly in your vehicle so that you don't ever have to think about it unless you want or need to.

Enjoy the future of telematics

Coverbox GPS tracker car insurance aims to make telematics insurance more like traditional motor cover, while using all the benefits of the black box data to help you when you need it most.

We use the data recorded by the box to help keep the price of your car insurance down by creating a driving score for you. If you drive well throughout the life of the policy we will recognise you as low risk at the time of renewal and will be able to offer you a great deal on your following year's car insurance.

Plus, the data has all sorts of uses in the event of a claim, and this keeps costs down – which means cheaper car insurance for you.

Get a quote today from Coverbox – telematics has evolved.