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Low mileage car insurance - Some facts

Until now, one problem with low mileage car insurance has been the inevitable difficulty in predicting the future. You might plan to drive only 5,000 miles over a twelve-month period but then if something comes up that results in you needing to travel further, your policy might have inconvenient and expensive mileage penalties. Conversely, if you purchase 10,000 miles but use only 4,000, you are left in the position of having unnecessarily paid for 6,000 unused miles.

With Coverbox, there are never any restrictions or penalties in place. Instead, we ask you for an estimate of your mileage, calculate the price of your policy accordingly and, at the time of renewal, evaluate the data in your telematics device, including overall mileage, so that we can ensure the cost of your next policy accurately reflects the reality of your driving.

You choose

You want telematics car insurance but you’re not sure how many miles to buy. You don’t want to be left with unused, but paid for miles at the end of your policy and you don’t want to have to buy more miles part way through your policy if your circumstances change. Then a Coverbox telematics policy is for you.

Coverbox, watching out for you, not over you

The main benefit of telematics is not that it allows us to monitor your driving, it’s that it allows us to reduce claim costs in the event of an accident. This is why there are only three occasions which call for us to access and assess the data in your telematics device:

  • One – if you are involved in an accident, or similar incident, and we wish to establish the facts which are crucial to apportioning liability.
  • Two – your policy is due for renewal and we can check your driving data – for example, mileage, braking and acceleration habits, vehicle location patterns – to see if you might be entitled to a cheaper policy.
  • Three – your car has been stolen and we wish to use the vehicle tracking capability of our black box to help the police recover it.


Coverbox, simplified telematics for smart drivers

If you are confident that you deserve cheaper car insurance - because you either drive a low annual mileage or you are a safe and conscientious driver - Coverbox can deliver the policy that is right for you. Begin your journey to the future of car insurance by getting a quote today.