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What is telematics?
Smart technology for the road ahead
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Telematics insurance with a difference

Coverbox provides telematics car insurance which has all the technology, but none of the Big Brother experience many drivers have previously associated with this type of cover.

Fit and forget telematics

When you buy a Coverbox policy we will arrange for a small telematics box, or device, to be fitted unobtrusively in your vehicle by a trained operative who will come to your car at a time and place which suits you. Once the box is switched on it will record the journeys your vehicle makes and send data about specific aspects of your driving behaviour back to Coverbox.

Here’s why we are different – Coverbox does not monitor this data on a daily basis. This means that we do not penalise you if you momentarily exceed the speed limit and we don’t expect you to keep to a curfew. All you have to do is drive. The telematics device uses GPS and satellite technology to pass your information to Coverbox, but we only look at this information if your car is stolen, you need to make a claim or when your car insurance is coming close to renewal. At this point we can assess your driving. The safer your driving has been during the life of the policy, the better deal you will get on your renewal premium. It’s as simple as that.

Effective technology which is there when you need it

The Coverbox telematics device not only collects data about your driving, but it also records impacts and directional forces. So, if you’re involved in an accident, the information recorded by the telematics device can help us determine what happened in the collision. This may mean that we will be able to prove you were not at fault in an accident and this can help keep the price of your cover down.

Telematics insurance with built in theft tracking

The telematics device will help us assist the police to recover your vehicle should it ever be stolen. If you report to us that your car has been stolen we will give you the 24 hour stolen vehicle helpline telephone number. The advisor you speak to will request your police crime reference number, then using the information from the device, which uses GPS technology, will assist the police in their attempt to recover your car. There are no additional charges for this theft tracking service.

Coverbox telematics car insurance - the future for cheap cover

To get a quote for Coverbox telematics insurance you can click on the quote button and fill in your details. If you drive safely and responsibly through the life of the policy, and your circumstances do not change, you may benefit at renewal. In the meantime, all you have to do is drive.