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Drive right into the future with Coverbox

There is little that can be said about the young drivers insurance market that hasn’t been said already - until now that is. That’s because, with Coverbox, telematics has evolved so that young drivers are able to drive on their own terms. This means you are not subject to the Big Brother experience of being monitored every inch of the way - nor to curfews, mileage restrictions, or any other similar penalties. This makes Coverbox different from all the other black box insurers on the market.

You are not monitored on a daily basis

No one likes someone watching over them all the time - checking to see if they are doing the right thing. We believe this is the wrong way to treat new and young drivers and may actually be counterproductive to creating a positive driving experience.  We install a telematics device in your car which gathers data related to such things as harsh braking, journey length, journey location, average speed, and acceleration. However, we don't actively monitor the information gathered.

We only use the data under two specific circumstances:

One - If your car has been involved in an accident or has been reported stolen.

Two - At renewal.

In fact, unless you need it, you’ll forget that the black box is even there. Although, if you are interested you can review some of your information on your personal online dashboard.

No mileage restrictions, no curfews

Unlike other black box insurance providers we trust young drivers to drive where and when they need to. This means that we impose no mileage restrictions or curfews on our policyholders. After all, you’ve passed your test, have the trust of the law, and already have some experience behind the wheel. For us, the best relationships are based on trust and confidence – not penalties and constant monitoring.

No penalties

You might have heard stories of drivers being punished by their black box insurers for traffic offences such as speeding or careless driving. Although we believe that every journey should be a safe one, at Coverbox we never aim to punish you for these offences during the lifetime of your policy. We may, however, make you aware of any extreme circumstances so you can modify your driving and keep safe. We believe in trust and reward – two values which underpin every policy we sell.

Taking care of the future

It is no secret that for many young drivers, insurance is either unaffordable or a considerable drain on the pocket. But Coverbox makes insurance costs realistic by providing competitively priced policies from the outset, while also offering you the chance to receive an even cheaper policy in the future. This is because we are able to assess the information from your black box at the time of renewal, and, if your data proves your status as a safe driver, it is likely that we will be able to reward you with a favourably-priced policy, and if you remain claim free, you build your own No Claims Bonus.

The truth is on your side

We are able to reduce the price of insurance by controlling claims costs. This is done by assessing the black box data of any policyholder who is involved in an accident, making the truth that much clearer in the event of a dispute. You can rely on the black box to provide the facts – it is on your side.

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